Kate Duxler

Creating Success Through Spirituality


It’s time to create a life you really love.

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I’m a SUCCESS STRATEGIST, and I help old souls like you create a successful business out of your soul’s purpose.

You are a spiritual being. And you’re here for a reason. You’re meant to do creative, meaningful work.

You came to make an impact.

And I’m here to help you get the confident and clarity you need to soar.

My passion is your potential. I will help you rule the world.

My passion is your potential. I will help you rule the world.

An old soul is someone who seeks a higher purpose. An Old Soul CEO is someone who makes a successful business out of that purpose.
— Kate Duxler

Get what you need to go for the BIG dream.

Because the world needs people like you living at their very best.

I’m here to provide the support, training and resources you need to soar.


do what you love

Make a business out of your unique talents and dreams.


Work for yourself

Be independent, creative and fulfilled in what you do.

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create true success

Develop work and life skills that take you to the next level.


make an impact

Use your business to help build a better world.


I will show you how.


Follow your dreams and live an extraordinary life. Hold yourself back and be slightly miserable. I’ve seen it a thousand times.
— Kate Duxler