Work & Personal Background


Professional Bio

From hospitality management to advertising sales to business consulting, Kate landed firmly in the realm of entrepreneurial endeavors.

She launched a vigorous business career since graduating in Financial Management in 2005.

At age 26, Kate secured a $3 million buyout of radio stations, a large commercial property and a liquor license which she expanded and then sold.

Since then she’s been teaching and consulting professionals all over the world, including on the corporate coaching staff for the Health Coach Institute.

She sat on the Board of Directors for the world-renowned Vallecitos Meditation Retreat Center and Taos County Chamber of Commerce. She is a Holistic MBA Certified Master Coach and has completed a variety of programs from spiritual development to online marketing.


Personal Story

By 30, I was a successful entrepreneur with thriving businesses and a busy, full life. I also had a sparkless marriage and a hidden drinking problem.

On the outside, my life looked awesome. On the inside, I felt trapped, anxious and totally alone. This wasn't exactly 'the dream' I had in mind.

So I made the kind of choice that can change your life: I set out to fix my life.

I did some hard things... I sold my companies, ended my marriage, and quit drinking (things I once thought impossible.)

I did the hard work of looking at my shadows and fears, while honoring the ambition I had to live a great life. The life of my dreams.

A vision developed. And, one day at a time, I started building my dream life and career.

Now I'm living my soul’s purpose.

I want to help you do the same.


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