This Is When I Knew My Marriage Was Over

However the question really isn’t 'when did I know?" 

The more pointed question is "how did I know?"

When is irrelevant because doubts have either happened or they haven’t.

How (it felt) is the basis between a fleeting thought and a valid consideration.

How it feels is like doubt - a pretty clear feeling in and of itself. Most honest people can recognize when they have doubt. Doubt in and of itself doesn't mean a doomed marriage, remember. That's why degree becomes of utmost relevance.

So, how significant is your doubt? Is it the kind that quietly but persistently hangs out deep down inside? Then it’s time to dig deeper....

Doubt is a call to look at things closer, and to beware of denial or suppression. The doubt is there to show you there’s something to address. It’s an intuitive communication mechanism that demands introspection.

Don’t fear your doubt, become curious about it. Let the exploration of it lead you to more clarity - and that's your real goal at this point. It may release, or it may reveal even more.  

And at some point, if the marriage is beyond repair, your doubts will transmute into a knowing, and you'll know what you have to do next.