Here's How I've Completely Transformed My Life

Some seemingly benign struggles can repeat themselves in frustrating ways over decades of time. You know the experience, where you confront an eerily similar life experience over and over (and over) again.

Unlike the ingrained pace of grade school, in the school of life our lessons come and go as quickly as we learn from them.

The key is to find the life lesson inside your recurring struggle.  

Ask yourself “what, if I were freed from it, would most dramatically change my life?” Imagine your life, in real practical ways, if you were totally past this struggle.  

What is different? How much easier and enjoyable is your life? Let that vision motivate the hell out of you. Then isolate it and set off on a path to finding your solution to that one particular lesson.  

If taming your anger problem is your big struggle right now, dig into that. Get seriously curious about anger - the roots, the manifestations, the antidotes.

Look to spirituality for the answers you seek; that is what spirituality is for. Where it too often falls short, or seems to, is in our ability to put spiritual wisdom into practice. That’s the trick - figure out how to put it into practice.

Slowly begin to enact what you learn about resolving anger. Create momentum around this shift you are creating.

Until one day you look back and the things that used to be your biggest triggers now have lessened their hold, a lot or a little, or have gone away entirely. Then it’s on to your next lesson. That is how you methodically transform your life.