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Helping heart-centered professionals be more effective, and more fulfilled.

Your first step is A kickstart session, one-on-one with me. This is a powerful experience to get personalized tools to boost your confidence and clarity.

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An old soul is someone who seeks a higher purpose in life. An Old Soul CEO is someone who makes their life’s work out of that purpose.
— Kate Duxler


Become an OLD SOUL CEO, the leader the world needs.


I help highly sensitive people in business find fulfillment in a frantic world.

You have a mission and a purpose for this life. Your soul has a dream life planned.

I’m here to help draw it out of you. I’m here to help you make it happen.

Kate Duxler, Business-Life Strategist

Kate Duxler, Business-Life Strategist


Skills to make you unstoppable.

Tools to build your empire.

Follow your calling. Because the world needs people like you living at their very best.

I’m here to provide the support, training and resources you need.


Quiet the Mind Guide

A free resource with six simple tools to achieve the very important goal of quieting your mind.


First Time Clients

If you’re serious about helping the world, I want to help you. First sessions are free for new clients.


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I offer classes, retreats and workshops in person and online. Check out the event listings.


Training & Development

Learn how to create a business around your soul’s purpose. Check out Startup with Heart.


Follow your dreams and live an extraordinary life. Hold yourself back and be slightly miserable. I’ve seen it a thousand times.
— Kate Duxler