Our national teaching team offers mindfulness trainings to improve effectiveness and job satisfaction among your top performers. We will work directly with leadership, key departments, or your entire staff.

It’s a new league of ROI.


Mindfulness is THE soft skill of the future.

Empower your leadership team to become more effective and fulfilled by creating a culture of purpose and meaning at work.

We can help.

mindfulness training brings immediate and long term value to your company.

Neuroscientists, Fortune 500 Execs & spiritual leaders agree: mindfulness works.


The benefits for you and your company are endless:

Mindfulness empowers us to cope better with the stress of work. 

It’s the antidote to burnout; the precursor work-life balance.

We develop better management and leadership skills. We are more effective.

We’re better listeners. We act with greater emotional intelligence. 

Science shows mindfulness can reduce illness, anxiety and depression.

It helps with focus and concentration.

It even changes our brain structure to promote more ease and flexibility.


Mindfulness increases effectiveness, performance and job satisfaction.


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