start a business // reinvent & rebuild // go in a new direction


You have a higher purpose. Let’s make it your life’s work.

You’re being called to do work based on the highest version of yourself. I’ll help you become that person.



This is an online workshop including 5 live modules. Here’s what you’ll learn:

module 1: How to use Self-Awareness for unstoppable confidence and clarity

YOU are the most advanced technology (ever). Your consciousness has the power to create anything you can imagine. By deepening your self-awareness, you’re bringing your fullest, brightest, wisest self to the table.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to leverage your awareness and intuition for powerful creativity and insight

  • Specific tools to recognize the uniqueness of who you are and what that means for your life’s work

  • Simple science-based techniques to create calm and focus when you need it most

module 2: HOW TO know your HIGHEr CALLING, and use it TO CHANGE THE WORLD

You came here for a reason (my bet is you know that already!). However, part of the design is that we’re born with “amnesia’ - so your job is to rediscover why you came, sometimes easier said than done. But, since the world needs you NOW, this class is a fast track to remembering your special purpose.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • Identify your soul’s highest purpose and vision for this life

  • Go through a powerful inventory process of your talents, plans and gifts

  • Conceptualize an integrated business model that is customized to you and your mission

MODULE 3: How to use personal growth to soar to new levels

You’re a learning machine who’s constantly growing (when you’re doing it right that is). So make your life’s work an “inner journey” of personal growth and those shifts will compound into some serious levels personal power. Then, watch out world!

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to outgrow your limiting beliefs and fears

  • Proven ways to release and heal the past so it no longer holds you back

  • Tools to address your very personal challenges with clarity and integrity

Module 4: how to use Manifestation ability as the ultimate advantage

The mind-body-spirit connection is real. Basically it means everything is energy. The people who know how to use these energetic tools, can create most effectively. Now let’s get that info in the hands of heart-centered people like you, and watch all the good we can do!

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to use energetics and even quantum physics to turn thoughts into things that matter

  • How to act only when it’s inspired, so your actions are more powerful and take less effort

  • The best way to break your 5 year vision down into 6 month strategy blocks

Module 5: How to integrate your life into brilliant working order

What fun is a successful business if you crave connection that just isn’t there? What about plenty of money if your work has no meaning? The list could go on, but the point is, your goal can be to have all parts of your life working together. Now that’s the dream life you came here to live.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to create a support system when you’re stepping out in business

  • Methods to prevent burnout and have plenty of energy for the things that matter most

  • The oath of mastery you can make to yourself to stay effective and on your path


The Benefits Are Endless:

Make better and quicker decisions

use your intuition in life and business

Connect to your higher purpose

Manifest fun, meaningful things

Complete life lessons with grace

Exude true self-confidence

Promote your brand and your voice

Overcome challenges and obstacles

avoid distractions and blocks

reduce stress and anxiety

Experience personal fulfillment

live and work with inner peace


Be the person who goes for their dreams



Better tools and skills will set you apart and help you soar.

Learn how to apply the most important tools of our time. Skills like focus, creative visualization and intuition will make you more effective, more fulfilled, and more successful.

If you’re terrified of wasting time and potential, this program is for you.


How & Why Startup with Heart Works:

the basics:

  • This is a live (not recorded) group program, all online. There are five 2-hour sessions over 3 weeks.

  • I will teach you tools and skills that will change the way you operate

  • This is much needed time to designate for you, and your strategy for a successful life

  • The 3-week schedule is doable for busy people and can be done from anywhere

  • Early bird enrollment costs $500

  • Summer dates TBD (sign up for updates)

the need:

  • The world is changing fast - be ready

  • It’s your responsibility to have a clear vision, purpose and mission

  • Be ahead of the curve in personal and creative skills

  • Manifestation ability, mindfulness and emotional intelligence are top skills

  • Integrity and intuition are ultimate advantages

  • The world needs you living at your best, starting right away

the guide:

  • My gift is to see your potential, and help you see it

  • I’m actively interested in your success, and it’s important to have a strong support system

  • I live, work and lead with integrity and intuition

  • We work best with mentors and role models

  • My highest calling is to help you with yours

  • If this resonates with you, that’s the sign from your highest self

Create a business based on purpose. I’ll help you build a heart-centered empire.

Startup with Heart

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